Buying Beauty Online

When it come to online shopping I never used to be a massive fan, the thought of paying extra money for shipping would send me into a spiraling tizz of annoyance. I love going into a shop, trying on an outfit, swatching the new eye shadow palette and breathing in the scent of perfume...I just think it adds to the whole experience but recently I seem to have made a complete u turn and have been taking to my laptop screen to order items off my wish list rather than heading to the shops. Now, lets be sensible about this though, there are just some items that are not suitable for online ordering, anything base product based is a no no for me, there's no way you can get a real feel for the shades when looking online unless of course you're ordering a shade that you have already tried and know it matches your skin tone.

Now there's definitely something to be said for buying beauty online so I wanted to share with you the reasons as to why I have been converted.

1. Probably the biggest reason I got into online beauty shopping is the great deals/discounts. Sites such as Cult Beauty, Beauty Bay, Look Fantastic, Feel Unique...have pretty much always got some kind of sale or discount code going on so I normally tend to find the products that I like in store, give them a swatch and find the shade that I want to purchase then take to the web to order as you can almost guarantee they'll be a discount code available or a gift with purchase etc.

2. Brands, I have found so many amazing brands through online shopping than I ever could have imagined. Your mainstream high street retailers only tend to stock the big household names that we all know and love but also only have a limited floor space for products so don't always stock the whole range. Online however the space is limitless, brands can promote and sell their entire range without restriction. When roaming around the aisles of Boots and other stores you only ever see the same mainstream brands whereas online smaller unknown brands can showcase themselves and their products so it's a great place to find some products that you wouldn't necessarily have found on the high street.

3. Samples, when making purchases online retailers are a lot more generous and willing to give samples with your order than the sales ladies are in store. Honestly, you'd think these things are covered in diamonds the way some people look at you when you ask for samples. But on a serious note, samples are a great way for people like ourselves to try out a product before spending our hard earned pennies.

So they're my top three reasons why I got into online beauty shopping. Do you shop online for your products? 


  1. A girl after my own heart! I love shopping online- and for the exact reasons you've listed above! I love a discount code!! Plus I get excited when the postman delivers all my goodies!!
    Beautyspotl.com xxx

    1. When they arrive it's like Christmas Day! Xx

  2. I love shopping online! A little too much but they do have the best discount codes and variety of brands!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  3. Discount codes and online offers are always so tempting! Also not being able to find the brands in the stores is another reason.


    1. Yeah, smaller brands are so much easier to find online xx