H&M Beauty Face Masks

H&M have very recently released their beauty range containing a whole host of goodies from makeup, hair care, body care and nail polish. Now I'm not entirely certain but I think these face masks are also a new release and at £1.99 I couldn't resist. They have face masks for all types of skin concerns from tired, dry, oily, acne prone...the list is endless. I picked up two masks that are targeted towards tire skin.

Cucumber and Aloe is a gel type mask, it is a peel-off mask that is describe as "removes daily dirt and grime leaving skin feeling refreshed and cleansed". I found this mask a little too stringent on my dry skin, whilst it does make my skin look refreshed and bright it also made my skin really sore and it also created small dry patches around my nose. However what I really loved about this mask was pulling it off, I've never tried a peel mask before so this was a revolution for me, when you're peeling the mask off it genuinely feels like you're peeling away all the crap and dirt that was lying on your skin. I wouldn't buy this mask again purely because of how dry it made my skin but for someone with slightly more oily skin may like this mask.

Pomegranate and Mango, now this is a mask I can get on board with. It's a creamy clay mask with raspberry, mango and pomegranate. It's designed to cleanse blocked pores and leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth. I really loved this mask, it applies effortlessly because it's so creamy and then dries to a clay. My only criticism of this mask was that it went really flaky when it was dry so was falling off my face left, right and centre. But it made my skin glow with radiance and feel super fresh.

Now all in all these face masks are by no means favourites within my collection but for £1.99 they are pretty damn good.

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