Seventeen On The Spot Concealer

Recently I've been having some serious hormonal break outs, I never usually get spots like I have done and they've all been around my chin/mouth area, I've used countless products to try and clear them up but nothing seemed to be working. Nothing until I spotted this little beauty in Boots, the Seventeen On The Spot Concealer.

Created to not only cover and disguise blemishes like any other concealer but to also clear the skin/spot in four weeks. I know right. A concealer that will be also reduce or clear break outs/spots. So how does it work I hear you all ask. Seventeen use a skin clear complex containing salicylic acid. Now normally I try to steer clear of salicylic acid because it dries my skin out but when used in concentrated areas it is very effective at basically drying out the blemish or spot and also helps to prevent it from scarring.

The concealer itself is a really light and creamy formula, it blends like a dream and doesn't go patchy or sit in the lines on your skin. It gives good coverage and also a slight brightening effect, I don't use this concealer under my eyes as I don't like the thought of putting salicylic acid on the sensitive skin around my eyes, but I've heard other bloggers saying it's great for the under eye area because of it's brightening qualities and it doesn't crease or sit in the fine lines around your eyes.

This little tube of £4.99 goodness was the only product that actually helped my break out to clear up, normally it's a vicious circle with spots. You apply concealer onto the spot because you don't want it to be visible but by applying makeup onto it all you're doing is creating a bigger problem as it won't be able to breath and clear up. Whereas this product takes that issue away, you can conceal the spot but also treat it at the same time.

I absolutely love this stuff and completely rely on it now. Have you tried this concealer? What do you think of it?


  1. I haven't tried this but it sounds fantastic and a really good price too! xx


  2. If this concealer can conceal and treat my blemishes at the same time then I'm seriously kicking myself for not trying it sooner, it sounds amazing!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  3. I've been having such problems with spots lately, I keep getting clusters of them but I'm too insecure to go without makeup and they just get worse! This product sounds like a life saver, I hope it works just as well for me, going to go pick it up!

    Just Little Things xo

  4. I haven't tried it however it sounds like something I should really try out!


  5. I've tried all the Seventeen concealers apart from this one, so this is next on my list!

    Sara - She Who Is Short