#49 Sunday Sounds - Sarah Chapman Facial Oils

We all have those brands that we favour over others for many different reasons, philosophy, ingredients, price, products, skin concern...there's all sorts of different reasons why we prefer some brands over others. One of my favourite skincare brands is Sarah Chapman. I absolutely and whole heartedley love this brand for many different reasons but the main one being it completely compliments my skin type. And two of, probably, her most well known products are the Overnight and Morning Facial Oils. I completely adore these products, they always help to bring my skin back to it's full potential and are always well reached for products at this time of year.

The Morning Facial is a very light oil, more of a thick serum like texture. It glides onto the skin like an absolute dream and leaves the face looking supple, healthy and glowy. I like to use this on a Sunday morning after a good cleanse or mask and leave all morning to soak in. It a light enough oil that you could apply a lotion/moisturiser on top but it's also hydrating and rich enough to use on it's own. I absolutely love this, it's an absolute life saver at this time of year for me, I slather this all over my face in the morning and then apply a thin layer of SPF and I am good to go.

The Overnight Facial is quite easily the most well known and loved item from the Skineses collection and there's good reason for it. It's a serum come oil that is so silky soft and let me tell you feels ah-mazing when massaged into the skin. It contains a whole host of antioxidants, vitamins, omega oils, peptides...I can go on. This is definitely up there with my most favourite facial oils. Ever. Thanks to a beautiful blend of jasmine, frangipani, rose and tuberose it's a skin match made in heaven. I apply this oil in the evenings to leave overnight, as the name would suggest, to sink in and work it's magic. Every morning I wake up and am amazed at the result this oil gives my skin overnight. It looks glowy, soft, youthful and just radiant. I don't about you but I could get used to these kind of results.

These two have been my little miracle products recently, I absolutely love them and the results they give. Have you tried these products? What do you think to them?


  1. I've always heard great things and so have definitely wanted to give them a go, they both sound amazing!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  2. I've heard so much about these, they really do sound incredible!

    Sara - She Who Is Short