Maple Holistics Skincare

I have recently been really getting into the 'natural' skincare market. So many brands, nowadays, pride themselves on only using natural and sustainable ingredients so not only is it better for our bodies and wellbeing but also for the planet and one of these brands is Maple Holistics.

Being honest Maple Holistics has never been a brand that's been high on my radar, I've seen a couple of blog posts/reviews about them but I didn't really know a lot about the brand but when they contacted me to see if I would like to try any of their products I of course jumped at the chance because of mainly their philosophy to beauty.

As already mentioned above they use only natural and sustainable ingredients but they also have a great policy whereby if you order a product and decide you don't really like it or it doesn't match your skin type then they recommend you to send it back and try something else you might like instead. They appreciate skincare is pretty darn hard to get right at the best of times so a brand that really gets this is definitely one to trust.

So I picked out two products, the Vitamin C Serum* and the Ancient Clay Facial Mask*, both of which I have fallen madly in love with.

Firstly, the Vitamin C Serum. Now just look at the ingredients in this little beauty...water, vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, algae extract, vegetable glycerine, vitamin a...a whole host of skin friendly goodies. Anything containing Vitamin c is a real must for my skincare, it has so many skin benefits that you really shouldn't be without it. It helps to reverse sun damage, boosts collagen production, fights free radicals, provides a protective barrier for the skin...the list goes on.

The serum feels super hydrating on the skin which is mostly down the fact that it contains a load of Hyaluronic Acid, which helps to keep the skin hydrated and plump. It just feel at all drying, tight, stripping...just good moisture. It sinks in almost immediately and leaves the perfect base to apply my moisturiser or facial oil on top of. I have been using this morning and night for the past couple of weeks and my skin is clearer, brighter, even in tone and just generally healthy looking. I would highly recommend this little beauty.

Then next is the Ancient Clay Facial Mask. I absolutely love the concept of this mask. It comes as a very fine powder which you then add water to to create the mask that you apply to your face. so along with the powdered mask you get a plastic scoop which you use to measure your product ratio. Maple Holistics recommend using one scoop of powder to two scoops of water. Mix the two together and then slap onto the face. Now my first thought when I tried this for the first time was where and how am I meant to mix this mask. The lid. The lid of the mask is pretty much the perfect size for the amount of product. I add one scoop of water first and mix into a really thick paste then add my other scoop of water to thin it out and get it ready for application. It applies easily onto the face, just like any other clay mask. It dries pretty tight on my face but majority of clay masks do this anyway and with regards to removal, I just use a hot flannel and it comes off like a dream. No scrubbing or rubbing needed.

After use, my skin is left feeling lovely and clean and fresh, not dry or tight in the slightest and lovely and soft.

I cannot tell you how much I love these two products, they have done wonders to my skin and the brand itself just sells the products.

*this post contains a gifted pr sample


  1. I was lucky enough to try a couple of items from their hair care range and loved them! Would love to try their skin care range some day xx

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. Oh I bet the haircare is lovely xx

  2. I recently received these products and needs to try them out! It's great to read your opinions of these products.

    xoxo Emily

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