Recent Empties

It's that time again, the empties. I don't think I ever quite realised just how many products I owned until I started my binge of using them up. It seems all I'm doing at the moment is using products up but for every two products I use up I buy one more so the new ones are still coming in.

Body products I've up this month have all been centered around nourishing and caring for the skin. Firstly, it's the Sanctuary Spa Air Whipped Souffle Scrub*. This is a creamy whipped formula with small beads to gently exfoliate the skin so not only does it scrub away the dead skin cells to leave bright and glowing skin, it also moisturises at the same time leaving soft and supple skin. I love this stuff and will definitely re purchase it. Next is the Soap & Glory Righteous Butter. This is a lovely thick and creamy body butter, I tend to apply just before bed and upon awakening my skin feels super soft and supple, it feels lovely and luxurious on my skin and has the beautiful signature Soap & Glory scent to it. Then we've got the Palmolive Delicate Care Shower Milk, this is one of my most favourite shower products. It's a lovely milky/creamy formula and leaves my skin feeling super moisturised after a quick shower.

For skincare, recent empties have been the Sanctuary Wonder Oil Serum, I completely love this serum. It's really light on the skin thanks to the oil/serum make up and has made no end of difference to the condition of my skin. I have got a ridiculous amount of cleansers so have really been trying to use them up, the This Works Clean Skin Gentle Cleanser has been my recent go to. With ingredients such as rosehip oil, eucalyptus and vitamin e it really is a cocktail of goodness for your skin. I absolutely love this cleanser and use it pretty much every morning, it really helps to awaken my skin but also leaves it feeling really soft with a lovely glow ready for the day ahead. The Naobay Moisturising Peeling* is a lovely milky facial scrub, it's super gentle on the skin and smells of fresh oranges so is perfect for use in the morning to awaken your skin. I have been using this 2-3 times a week and have seen a real difference in my skin.

For hair, the only empty this time is the Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Body Booster Mousse*, this by far is most favourite hair mousse. It doesn't make my hair go crispy or heavy like some mousse's do, it just gives it a really natural bounce.

The amount of perfume that I have is absolutely ridiculous so I've really been trying to use them up as I'm convinced they'll going off soon. Here we have the Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Perfume. It's a lovely floral and fruity scent that it's really light and perfect for any time of the year.

Then lastly, I've managed to get through another tube of the MAC Cremesheen Peach Blossom Lipstick. I don't think I need to say anything about this lipstick, you guys know how much I love this stuff. 

*this post contains a gifted pr sample


  1. Daisy dream is definitely a perfume I want to own, I always spritz it when I see it in store and I don't know why I haven't purchased it yet!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

    1. It's just a really easy one to wear xx

  2. I love the CT products and would love to try the mousse. And urhhhhh I get you when you talk about Peach Blossom, it's such a beautiful shade.

    Emily x

  3. I still need to get Daisy Dream, I always forget about it even though I love it!

    Sara - She Who Is Short

  4. Such a good idea to use up two products and buy one new one! Something I should try! I love Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume. It smells so fresh!

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

    1. Oh it's the only way to do it hun xx