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Anyone that knows me knows I love to shop. I more often than not always have about 200 tabs open which then results in my computer running ultra slow, so when I discovered SHUFFLEHub on Twitter I was very intrigued.

SHUFFLEHub is a smart new site which allows you to shop online in the most lazy way possible. The site lets you browse and shop hundreds of brands including many popular high street stores such as ZARA, Topshop, H&M, New Look, Warehouse and Forever 21. Plus many online shops such as ASOS, Missguided and The Outnet, the list just goes on and on.

The site is super user friendly, navigating your way through is just a breeze. There are many different functions to the site, you can just browse or window shop as SHUFFLEHub calls it, so if you don't particularly have an idea of what you're after or just need some inspiration then this is a great function. You can create wish lists, I love creating wish lists because I can't always afford to buy everything I like at once so creating a wish list gives me the opportunity to save items for later, but what's fantastic about this wish list is that you only have one wish list for all your favourites brands so instead of having one wish list for ASOS, one for New Look, one for Missguided and so on you just have one central point with all your favourite items. Plus not all shop sites have a wish list function which is totally irritating, but it means for me that one of my favourite brands ZARA (which doesn't have a wish list function online), I can now save my favourites on my SHUFFLEHub wish list.

You can search by colour which I personally really love, say you're decorating a room in your house and looking for gold accessories then you can find vases, candles, frames and much more in that specific colour or you're looking for certain colour accessories to go with your outfit this is your place to go. You can also search for a certain item such as tote bags, this will bring up every single tote bag throughout all the brands on the site saving you hours of scrolling through different sites.

The below picture shows how you can just search the colour orange for example and it will literally bring up every single item in that colour:
And you can even search a certain shade of Orange:
One of the best features about the site is the extremely detailed filters you can apply to any item so if you know you are looking for a certain item, you can literally filter it down to the tiniest little detail. You can search for a red maxi dress within a certain price range from a select number of brands or from hundreds of brands.
Josh from SHUFFLEHub got in touch with me via Twitter thanking me for the follow and asking if I have any feedback on the site. As soon as I started to use the site I fell in love and was instantly hooked so I asked Josh if he would be happy for me to do a blog post completely focussed on SHUFFLEHub and to my delight he accepted. I was very intrigued by the site as there really isn't anything else like it so had quite a few questions running through my mind, I sent these through to Josh and he speedily sent his answers back to me, here are the questions I asked and Joshs' answers:

Where did the idea come from for SHUFFLEHub?
By being really really really ridiculously good at being lazy. And going online shopping. Too many buttons, too many menus and too many websites! We felt we could make it better.

How exactly does SHUFFLEHub work?
Shufflehub is a website that brings together all the different fashion shops on the web and you use it in one of two ways:
-When you know what you want: We have very powerful filters, so if you're looking for a red mini skirt, or a new leather jacket, you can see all the red mini skirts / leather jackets available to buy on the web in one location.
-When you don't know what you want: We have a 'Window Shopping' feature which takes every item from every different site and shuffles them together. It's a great way to kick back, relax and get inspired.

How do you collate all the brands and products onto SHUFFLEHub?
We have 4,615 interns locked in a room and they input all the data.... :)
We'd love to say, but it's part of our secret sauce I'm afraid.

I am interested in how SHUFFLEHub makes its' money? I understand if you prefer not to answer this question.
Shops are always after new customers, so they pay us a cut of the final price in return for introducing a new one to them. The prices are the same on Shufflehub as on the retailers website, the retailer just makes a little less profit on the item.

What would you say is the best feature of SHUFFLEHub and why?
The related products. When I find one thing I want, there are always loads more underneath it.

How many brands feature on SHUFFLEHub?
There are exactly 2,883 different brands on Shufflehub. But that number grows every day.

What size team do you have working on SHUFFLEHub?
There are currently 7 people working on the project. As well as myself, there's my co-founder (Toby), two developers (Ben and Matt), our graphic designer (Johannes), our advisor (Jessi) and our intern (Naomi).

How old is SHUFFLEHub?
We've been working on the project for a year and a half. 

What are your plans for the future and where do you hope to be?
We have big plans. I can't talk about all of them, but as well as adding more shops, etc... there is one experience that we think we can improve. It's the tab. Too many people we know end up with 1,472,113 tabs open when they're doing their online shopping. We have an idea for a better way. 

We'd like early users to help us shape this feature so if you (the reader) would like to get involved please email me at josh@shufflehub.com

Thank you Amanda!

I am now totally addicted to this site and when tuning in to shop online I now don't even think of going to the stores directly I immediately just type in www.shufflehub.com.

Whilst there are some bits of makeup on the site I would love to see some cosmetic brands featuring on SHUFFLEHub, maybe a thought for the future Josh :)

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