#22 Sunday Sounds - Guest Post with Jasmine Harding Makeup

Morning you lovely lot! Today I have got a guest post for you from the lovely Jasmine from Jasmine Harding Makeup. I am a big fan of her blog so was thrilled when she agreed to do a guest post for me. You can also expect a guest post on the last day of each month moving forward, this is a new thing that I will be doing as I just love connecting with other bloggers so if any of you would like to be my next guest post then please do get in touch. Anyway enough of that, take it away Jasmine!

Before I start rabbiting on about what lipsticks I am loving for Spring, I should probably introduce myself... I'm Jasmine, the girl behind JasmineHardingMakeup and a total beauty addict. I just want to thank the gorgeous and wonderful Amanda, for asking me to be her guest blogger this month, I am honoured to be featured on your incredible blog!

I don't know about you, but for me, there is nothing better than a bright Spring lip to kick start your day. Although I'm probably known for living in nude lipsticks and swooning over MAC Velvet Teddy whenever I put it on, but sometimes it is nice to mix things up and add a bit of colour to my lips. There's just something so satisfying about a glowing base, a cream peachy cheek and creating all the focus on the lips with a pop of colour. With one exception in this edit, I tend to stay away from the full on mattes in S/S and tone things down with something hydrating and glossy, but don't get me wrong, I'm still all for the mattes. Anyway - here's my Spring lipstick low down... 

Starting from the left, kicking things off is the Lancôme Rouge In Love in Fall In Rose which is definitely a lipstick for those who are into all things pink and lipsticks which are on the brighter side of the spectrum. It is a blue under toned pink so looks lovely on the lips and is a very flattering shade when paired with a fresh base and dewy cheeks. The Rouge In Love lipsticks are one of Lancôme's best sellers with their light texture, pigmented shades and long wearing, slightly sheeny finishes. Lasting up to 6 hours before having to top up, these are so comfortable to wear and glide on to the lips straight from the bullet or with a brush. For a bright Spring day, this is the perfect pop of colour to add to your lips. 

Up next is another Lancôme lipstick, but one that is more suited to the girls who love a coral lip. Being a member of the L'Absolu Rouge Lipstick range, this is an incredibly hydrating, replenishing and luxurious lipstick. Coming in an amazing selection of 31 shades, I picked up Coral Ardent which is a beautiful soft coral with a hint of rose gold shimmer which lightens the lips for a sophisticated makeup look. Compared tot he Rouge In Love finish, these are far more moisturising and provide more of a shimmer finish than gloss. 

For a more budget friendly option, then the Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter in Pink Parfait is an ideal option. The smooth, creamy and pigmented peachy pink shade has a beautiful shimmery gloss finish whilst adding a dose of hydration. Despite having a shimmer finish, it is very subtle and remind me of NARS Orgasm blush, (just in lip stick form). For an everyday Spring lip, this is one I reach for a lot as it's incredibly easy to apply on the go with a small mirror, it lasts all day and keeps my lips smooth and buttery. 

By Terry Lip Gloss' are by far the best of them all and the shade Cherry Bomb, makes a beautiful bright gloss for Spring. (Sorry this is only available in balm pot now!) This tinted gloss is packed full of ingredients which replenish and regenerate your lips keeping them hydrated with Bees Wax and heals them with Shea Butter, all topped off with a rose scent. In terms of how this comes out on the lips, the colour is a very natural pink which doesn't come out as dark as it looks in the tube and it is a lightweight, sheer gloss finish. 

Finishing off with another of my favourite drugstore lip products, we have the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude Ist. This is one of those long lasting, matte finishes which has a super bouncy, jelly formula which looks amazing on the lips. The main thing I love about these lip products is how easy they are to apply, they glide on with ease due to the wand applicator and set to a creamy matte finish which lasts well up to 8 hours. The shade is like no other nude I own, so I enjoy wearing it on days when I'm not wearing Velvet Teddy as it's a much more muted pink option, perfect for those who are after the whole Kylie Jenner 90's nude lip. 

What lipsticks are you loving for Spring? 


My 5 Product Face

For Spring/Summer I'm all about the minimal makeup look so I challenged myself to pick out just 5 items which could create an effortless natural look, so here they are:

When I am going for a minimal look I always use an illuminating/highlighting primer and the best of the bunch in my opinion is the Dior Glow Maximiser Primer. This stuff packs a serious punch when it comes to highlighting, you only need the tiniest amount to give your skin that lit from within look. You can also use this product over makeup as a highlighter for the cheek bones, brow bone and down the bridge of your nose. 

To hide those blemishes and dark circles my first choice is always the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, it is really lightweight and blends super easy. Then I just swish a little powder over my face and for this the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder is just, personally, the best. It feels super lightweight on the skin and doesn't stick to any dry patches. It also doesn't go patchy or give the telltale powdery finish to the skin, just a lovely airbrushed finish. 

The Stila Convertible Colors are so lovely to use in the Spring and Summer months as you can use them on the cheeks and lips, I have the shade Petunia which is a lovely peachy toned pink that looks perfect on the apples of the cheeks to give a nice pop of colour to a minimal look. 

And then lastly I can't go anywhere without filling in my brows, the Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil is just quite handy as it has a little brush on the lid which can be used to brush the brows into shape. The pencil is really soft so, with a light hand, gives a natural strong brow finish. 

And those are the 5 products which I always tend to use when I am looking to achieve a natural/minimal makeup look. 


Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick

These lipsticks are a relatively new addition to the makeup industry, there is something really quite different about these lipsticks. The colour pigment is a clear gel rather than the usual wax so gives a feather light feeling on the lips and the pigment when applied to the lips remains the same colour as what you see in the bullet. I often find with some lipsticks, they look beautiful in the bullet but then look a completely different shade when applied onto the lips. 

There is a total of 14 shades within the collection, I picked up shade Rose which is a lovely pink 'your lips but better' shade. It applies onto the lips like a lip balm but has the pigmentation of a lipstick. They leave a lovely glossy sheen to the lips and feel super moisturising on the lips. 

I am completely in love with this lipstick and shade for that matter, I have been reaching for it on a daily basis and it lasts for a good couple of hours on the lips. As the formula is a little different to what I am normally used to I only picked up the one shade but I will most certainly be purchasing more shades from the range after trying this one out. 

Have you tried this lipsticks? What do you think of them?


Lancome Shine Lover Lipstick

These lipsticks have only been released for a few days here in the UK but as soon as I heard about them I knew I had to get my hands on them. I picked up shade 212 Twisted Beige, personally I would describe this shade as more rosey than beige. 

The formula of these lipsticks is slightly different, it's more a balm like consistency and feels super hydrating on the lips. The colour payoff is really good, the shades are more sheer due to the lipstick being more of a balm formula but they are still really well pigmented. 

Lancôme describes the lipsticks as one the first healthy glow effect lipsticks which gives an irresistibly captivating and sparkling luminous look to the face. Honestly I don't quite know how a lipstick can give your face a more luminous and bright finish but as a lipstick they are really lovely. Lips don't feel dry after use, if anything they feel more moisturised. 

I think there is around 15 shades within the collection which range from nude tones to deeper more berry tones so there is definitely something for everyone. They also have a couple of really lovely bright pinks which are on my list to purchase next. 

Also, can I just say how pretty the packaging is. The lipsticks come encased in a white glossy bullet that just screams luxury. 

All in all I absolutely love this lipstick, the shade suits me perfectly, it's one of those 'my lips but better shades' which I seem to have a lot of at the moment but they are my favourite types of shades. I would highly recommend these lipsticks to everyone, my mum also picked up one of these lipsticks in a different shade to me at the same time that I got mine and she absolutely loves it aswell. For £21.00 they are obviously of the higher price range but Lancôme is a premium brand so naturally carries a higher price tag. 

Have you tried these lipsticks? What do you think of them?


My Paris Beauty Staples

So if you don't already know I am off to Paris tomorrow for a long weekend with Nick so I have been thinking about what products I would like to take. I always overpack and Nick and I are sharing a suitcase for the trip so I feel seriously pressurised to keep my products to a minimum but after having a long think and rummage through my collection I have found a small number of staples that I am going to take plus a blusher and mascara or two. 

To cleanse I am just taking a couple of little minis I have of existing products but the rest of my skincare I am just going to use these two beauties. These are my current dream team, I slather the Sanctuary Oil Serum on at nighttime to give a hit of hydration and also in the mornings, just not as much product as in the evening, followed by the Elemis Flash Balm. These two together are just so dreamy, the oil/serum gives just enough hydration to my skin and then the flash balm just helps to form a barrier between my makeup and the oil as I wouldn't particularly want my makeup sitting on top of oil. Also it feels really light on my skin so will be perfect for walking around Paris everyday. 

For perfume how could I not take one of my Chanel favourites, Chance is a rich and luxurious scent so is perfect for the evenings when going out for something to eat.

For my foundation it had to be the Burberry Fresh Glow Foundation. This stuff is just lovely. It's a light to medium coverage but is buildable so a fuller coverage for evenings. It gives my beloved dewy finish and is really light in consistency so your skin still feels like it can breathe so will be perfect for a city break. 

For the eyes I love a good bronze, it suits me perfectly and just goes with any look/outfit. So I have picked out these two, the Topshop Cream Shadow in Stripped to use as either a base or to use with the bronze to create a natural smokey look. For the bronze shade I will be taking Maybelline Color Tattoo in shade On and On Bronze. I am taking cream based shadows as they just last longer on me than powder shadows and I always think the colour payoff is so much better. 

Lastly for the lips I have got two options. Firstly how could I not include a true red when going to Paris and for this I chose NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in shade Cruella, I thought I could wear this in the evenings for a more glammed up look. And then for the daytime I have got the newly released Lancome Shine Lover Lipstick in shade Twisted Beige, these are really hydrating on the lips and are said to last up to 8 hours so will be perfect for the daytime for a natural look. 

So there you have it, my Paris beauty staples. I think I've got them pretty streamlined if I do say so myself. 


Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Foaming Cleanser

This is one of my mums favourite cleansers and she always used to have a stash in her beauty cabinet so I would always sneak a little blob every so often on the hope that she wouldn't notice, well a couple of months ago she started to notice which meant I had to go out and buy my own. 

There's something so luxurious and dreamy about this cleanser, it has such a silky feel to it and just feels lovely on the skin. It is targeted more towards normal/combination skin, my skin tends to hover around normal/dry/combination so it suits my skin type really quite well. It is a foaming cleanser which is usually a big no no for me as they just dry my skin out far too much but this one doesn't seem to dry the skin out, it removes the excess oil but it doesn't leave skin feeling tight/stripped/dry. 

I tend to use this cleanser when I'm in the shower or in the evening when I haven't worn any makeup to use on my face as a quick cleansing fix. A pea sized amount is all you need to suffice for the whole face, upon contact with water it foams into a rich luxurious lather which feels lovely on the skin. It also has a slight pearlescent shine which helps to inject a little radiance into the skin. 

At £21.00 it's not the most expensive cleanser I've ever bought but it is a premium brand and carries the premium price tag, in all honesty it isn't my most favourite cleanser as I do tend to prefer balms/oils but it does it's job really well and I will continue to re purchase it as it is perfect for when a deep cleanse isn't required. 

Have you ever tried this cleanser? What do you think of it?


Sanctuary Wonder Oil Serum

I am a massive fan of serums and oils, they make up over half of my skincare stash as I completely rely on them to hydrate my dry and dehydrated skin. So when I stumbled upon this little gem in the many aisles of Boots I had to pick it up. A serum and oil in one that promises to provide the same amount of hydration as an oil but sinks in as fast as a serum. I know right, sounds too good to be true. Well I bought it anyway and I'm so glad I did.

This product has completely revolutionised my skincare routine and I'll tell you why. So it's a serum and oil in one, the oil is made up of moringa, jojoba and pomegranate oil which all work in harmony to inject serious hydration into the skin. The serum contains red rice stem cells which help to rejuvenate and firm up the skin. The packaging is a pippet style bottle which I love for these types of products as it allows you to be precise with the amount of product dispensed and it is also a lot more hygienic. Before dispensing the bottle just needs to be shaken in order for the serum and oil to combine. 

I have been using this product in place of my morning serum and moistuiser, honestly, I din't think this would be hydrating enough for my skin but it totally is. It instantly makes my skin feel soft, smooth and plump and sinks in almost instantly so there is no greasy residue left over. I am still using my beloved Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial for the evenings as it gives a more intense hydration kick for night time but for the mornings this is the front runner and has taken pride of place on my dressing table for everyday use. 

For anyone looking for a quick and easy morning skincare product that offers serious hydration then this is for you. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this for oily skin types but for normal/dry skin types this is definitely for you. 

Have you tried this product? Do you love it as much as I do?


#21 Sunday Sounds - Everyday Makeup Routine

When it comes to makeup it's either all or nothing with me, on a weekend when I'm going out I like to spend a good 4-5 hours getting ready and really take my time doing my makeup but then on week days when I've got work I want to be able to do my makeup in 20-30 minutes max and these are the products that I use to help me achieve it.

So on an everyday basis I pretty much use the same products everyday, some days I may use a different concealer or blusher but generally speaking I use majority of the same products and I always keep these products in my makeup bag on my dressing table, I do this so I know I can reach for that and have all the products I need. I don't have to waste any time looking through my storage for a certain blusher etc. Also these are products that I have tried and tested so know they will work for me.

For my base 9 times out of 10 I use the MaxFactor Face Finity Primer, I just swear by this stuff. It keeps my makeup in place all day so I don't have to worry about touching up whilst at work. I have been using the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation on a daily basis to give a dewy finish and also give a brighter more awake complexion. I prefer to use more drugstore brands for my work makeup rather than premium brands, not sure why it's just something I've always done.

I always just apply a little powder to my t zone to keep any shine at bay and my everyday staple for this is the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder. On days when I'm looking a little pale then I will dust a little bronzer all over but I don't use bronzer everyday. I do however always wear a blush and I am currently loving MAC Sunbasque.

When it comes to concealer I just tend to apply a little under my eyes and that's about it, for my under eye area I like to use the Maybelline Eye Eraser as I think it is the quickest one to blend and gives the best finish. I always like to keep an eye shadow palette in my makeup bag so I can switch the looks up every day and I am currently really enjoying using the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, I have owned this palette now for a good couple of years and still haven't hit pan on any of the shades! Or if I haven't got time to be blending eye shadows then I just apply a quick swipe of the L'Oreal Smokissime Super Liner in Brown Smoke and blend out quickly with my finger and just add lashings of brown mascara for a nice daytime smokey eye.

To finish off I always have to wear a lipstick and this Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick is perfect for everyday use, I have it in shade Rose which is a lovely muted pinky rose and because of the formula it isn't drying at all on the lips. 

So that's my everyday makeup routine, do you have set products that you use everyday?


No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser

When it comes to my evening skincare routine I always like to use a hot cloth cleanser after removing my makeup to really cleanse my skin of all the nasties that build up throughout the day. I also have a real fear of water and splashing water onto my face to remove the product is just my idea of a nightmare, so being able to remove the product with a hot flannel is perfect and let's be honest always feels that you're in a spa for that split second. 

My new found favourite is this No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser. I find that one pump of product is ample for the whole face, I like to massage this into my skin for a good 2-3 minutes and then use the provided muslin cloth to remove the product. The scent of this cleanser is just dreamy, it has a creamy scent but there is also a slight hint of cucumber which gives it a refreshing feel. The consistency is quite thick but doesn't feel heavy or oily on the skin at all and it is really easily manipulated to massage over the skin.

At £9.95 for 200ml I personally think it is really reasonable and purse friendly. I just absolutely adore this cleanser and it has now taken pride of place on my dressing table with my fingers reaching for this a lot more often that it's competitors. Don't get me wrong I still love the Liz Earle and REN Hot Cloth Cleansers but at that price tag I can afford to use it a lot more often that it's counterparts without the worry of using it up and taking a mortgage out to re purchase the next one. 

Have you tried this cleanser? What do you think of it?


L'Oreal Blockbuster Super Liner

I have never really been one for a bold thick black eye liner, I prefer a thin line just to give a nice defined look so I went on the hunt for a eye liner pen that will help me to create this. I saw this L'Oreal Blockbuster Super Liner in boots and instantly fell in love. 

The packaging for one is a big winner for me, it is simple and chic and looks great on my dressing table. The pen itself has a pointed nib which is great for precision work, you can really create any type of look with this liner. I tend to just use it for a thin line on the top lid but you can also use to create a thick bold line or a cat flick. 

The liner itself is super pigmented and gives a great deep black effect and let me tell you, it stays put. That's probably only the slightest criticism I would have is that it stays put that well that when you come to remove your makeup in the evening you have to really scrub at it to get it to budge. 

I have been wearing this liner with a gold glitter eye shadow all over the lid and a red lip for nights out and I am just obsessed with the look.

Have you tried this liner? What do you think of it?


Burberry Fresh Glow Foundation

I have had my eye on this foundation for so long, I had heard such great reviews about it so decided to take the plunge a couple of weeks ago and make a purchase. I'm so glad I did. 

I would describe it as a light to medium coverage buildable foundation. The texture isn't exactly anything new or different within the industry but it just gives a lovely lightweight, dewy finish to the skin. 

The foundation contains quite the cocktail of vitamins and moisturising extracts, with ingredients such as rosehip, tea and lavendar extract it is described as a combination of makeup and skincare. I don't know as I would go as far as saying the foundation is part of my skincare routine but I like the idea of my makeup containing skincare elements. 

It contains an SPF which I personally like in a foundation but I know some of you snap happy lot don't like this as it makes your face look white on photos, for those of you that prefer your foundations to not contain an SPF then this maybe isn't for you but for us ladies that do like it then I can't recommend this foundation enough. It feels so incredibly lightweight on the face, as if you're not wearing makeup at all, and it blends seamlessly. I actually prefer to apply this foundation with my fingers and then buff slightly with a stippling brush purely because it's a very runny liquid and I prefer this method of application for these types of foundation.

It's just generally a really lovely every day foundation that it easy to apply, lasts all day and gives that dreamy dewy finish that we all know and love. At £35.00 for 30ml it is a little on the pricey side and probably isn't for everyones budget but for me I like to invest in foundations as I always think if you get the base right then the rest of your makeup just falls into place and looks flawless. 

Have you tried this foundation? What do you think of it?


Brand Focus: MaxFactor

I have been thinking recently about doing these brand focus posts on my favourite products from certain brands. I absolutely love MaxFactor, it is definitely up there with my favourite brands including premium brands, it has some really great products with amazing quality at extremely reasonable prices. 

So I've put together all my favourite items from Maxfactor. First up I will start with base products, the Facefinity Primer is an absolute cult product for me. It is literally like velcro for your skin and keeps your makeup put all day. If on a day I don't use this primer my makeup starts to look a bit tired and starts to go patchy at the end of the day whereas on days that I do use this my makeup stays put all day and looks just as good at 6pm in the evening as it did at 7am in the morning when first applied. Next is the Skin Luminizer Foundation. You all know how much I love my dewy bases and this is no exception. This foundation has got a swirl of luminizing liquid running through it, so when dispensed it is evenly mixed into the foundation liquid and leaves a lovely, natural and subtle glow to the face giving that dewy finish. It is very thick in consistency but I quite like this with a foundation but I know some people can't get on with it. 

Next is the Masterpiece High Definition Mascara, I have this mascara in brown as for a day time look I like to wear brown mascara as I feel it gives a more natural and not so harsh finish/look to the eyes. This is THE best brown mascara I have come across to date. The bristles on the wand are plastic but really soft and there's loads of them so every single lash is covered. It gives a really natural long lash that looks perfect for daytime. 

These Creme Puff  Blushers have had some serious exposure over the past few months but they are pretty amazing. I have shades Seductive Pink which is a really pretty pale pink that looks super cute just on the apples of your cheeks and then Alluring Rose which unlike the name isn't really all that rosey. I would say it is more peach/bronze, I like to use this blush on the days when I'm bronzing it up and don't want pink on the cheeks but still want a bit of colour. 

Then lastly is the lips, these Color Elixir glosses are one of my favourite glosses. I have quite a few shades from this collection but have picked out my two favourites for this post. Polished Fuschia is a really pretty bright pink shade, I like this for a daytime look when I want some colour on the lips but not a bold lipstick. Then the other shade is Glowing Peach, this is quite a sheer gloss and looks really lovely over a nude lipstick. Also another lip product from MaxFactor is this Colour Intensifying Lip Balm in shade Sumptuous Candy, it's a real girly pink colour. Honestly I don't find this lip balm moisturising enough to be used as a lip balm but I love the sheer natural colour that it gives to my lips.

So those are my favourite products from MaxFactor, have you tried any of these items? What do you think of them?


Sanctuary Crème Souffle

I am seriously loving Sanctuary Spa products at the moment and I just adore their signature scent, I can't even explain the smell. It's not fruit or floral, it's more ambery which is just beautiful.

This cream is a lovely whipped texture so is really light in texture which I'm surprised I liked as I normally prefer heavier more body butter type creams. It sinks in super quickly and doesn't leave any greasiness or stickiness behind. Don't be fooled by the light texture as this cream packs a real moisturising punch thanks to ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and mango extract.

This is like my ideal moisturiser, you can use in the evening after a lovely long bath when you're looking for some real intense hydration and moisture, but it is also light enough to use quickly in the mornings and because it is absorbed so quickly you can whip your clothes on straight away.

I just absolutely love this moisturiser, the smell is just delicious and my skin always feels so lovely and soft after using it. For £10.50 you get a huge 475ml pot, which I will just say lasts for absolutely ages. I have been using this cream pretty much every day for the past couple of months and I'm not even half way through it yet.


Top Nude Lipsticks

When I say nude lipsticks I don't mean nude skin tone concealer looking lips, I mean natural pinks giving the 'my lips but better finish', ones that can be worn with any makeup look at any time of year. I'm not that adventurous when it comes to my lips, I tend to stick to muted pinky neutral shades that I know will look great whatever. 

First is the Maybelline Color Sensational in shade Tantalizing Taupe, this is probably the nudist shade of my collection. It is a really creamy beige shade that looks really pretty when you have got a full on heavy smokey eye going on, when you want all attention to be on your eyes so you just need a little subtle hint of colour on the lips. The formula is very similar to the MAC Cremesheen range, it isn't drying on the lips whatsoever, it does move around and you do have to top up throughout the day/night but it's so lightweight that you can hardly tell you're wearing anything. 

Next is Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in shade Bellissima, this is a really peachy pink shade with a matte finish. It's completely buildable so depending on the look you're going for you can create quite a dramatic finish or blend with your finger tip to give a more muted effect. I really like this lipstick for Spring time as the shade is perfect for this time of year. It can be quite drying on the lips but I just use a little lip balm before applying to combat this. 

We all know and love the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets, I quite easily own every shade in the range but the shade Nude-ist is probably my favourite. It is a matte finish dusky pink shade which is lovely for more Autumn/Winter time, it is quite a dark pink but not dark as in deep/bold, just dark as in dusky and romantic. I do find that these lipsticks tend to bleed slightly so I always line my lips but I can forget about that for the lovely shade. 

Clinique Pop Lip Colour in shade Nude Pop, this is a fairly recent addition to my lipstick collection. It is a nude rosey shade, kind of your lips but better. It leaves a lovely moisturised, creamy/sheeny finish to the lips which is just really pretty. These lipsticks are seriously moisturising on the lips, not drying whatsovever. 

Then lastly how could I not include my two favourite MAC classics. Both from the Cremesheen range, I have shades Creme Cup which is a lovely pale pink shade and Peach Blossom which is a slightly more warmer shade than Creme Cup. I am actually just going to put this out there that Peach Blossom is my favourite lipstick. Ever. It matches my lip shade and skin tone completely perfectly and goes with any makeup look whatsoever. 

So they are my favourite nude lipsticks, do you own any of these? What do you think of them?


#20 Sunday Sounds - At Home Gel Nails

I received a gel kit as my Christmas present last year and now can't remember my life before it! I still use nail varnish on days where I haven't got gels on and just need a quick fix, or I want to give my nails a couple of weeks rest but majority of the time I have got my gels on. 

They are so easy and simple to do, all you need is a UV lamp which you can pick up on Amazon or eBay etc and then you need the gel colours of your choice, top coat, base coat, a remover liquid and also a prep and wipe liquid. 

The gel colours are so easily accessible and there are so many different shades to choose from that you won't ever be stuck. I have got a couple of bright shades, a couple of darker shades like a deep purple and red and then a couple of nude shades. The only colour I'm missing is a true red so that's on the next to be purchased list.

I like to do my gels on a Sunday afternoon when I've got a couple of hours free, I sit down with a cup of tea and a good magazine and really make an occasion of it. They are so easy to do, yes they do take a little bit longer than painting your nails with regular nail polish but even when you paint your nails you still have to wait a good 30 minutes for your nails to be completely dry. And they last so much longer, they protect your nails and even help them to grow and stay in good condition. 

I'd really like to try a bit of nail art or try and do a french manicure style but I'm not 100% sure on how to do this yet so would love to hear any tips or recommendations from you lovely ladies. 


Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Cologne

Nick bought me this perfume for my birthday last year and I have been using very sparingly since, I just don't want it to run out. I love it so much. 

This is the first ever Jo Malone perfume I have ever tried so I was super excited to find it in my birthday parcel. Anything peony is just perfect for me, I love the flowers, the scent, the colours...even just the word is pretty. Wasn't so sure about the blush suede, what the hell is this? 

I am naturally more of a floral fan than a fruity fan so this is sitting very nicely within my collection. It is a really subtle scent that is balanced extremely well but lets face it would you ever expect anything less from Jo Malone. When first spritzed it is quite sharp and crisp smelling but once it has settled down a slight musky scent starts to come through which just brings it back down. It is absolutely lovely and great for this time of year when you want something that feels light and subtle but still gives a lovely fresh scent. 

Have you tried this perfume? What do you think of it?


New Lippie Additions

So I think I've already mentioned that I am going through a bit of a lip product phase at the moment, I've been buying them left, right and centre so I wanted to just share my recent purchases with you lovely lot.

First up is the Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in shade Rose, this lipstick is just the love of my life at the moment. It feels so soft and hydrating on the lips and the shade is just to die for, it's the perfect nudey pink. I will be doing a full review on this lipstick soon as it is a new release.

I also picked up this Rimmel Oh My Gloss Lipgloss in shade Purrr Glossy Cat, this is also another new release and I absolutely love it. I do tend to be more of a lipstick than a lipgloss gal but this has completely won me over. It's a really lovely dusky pale pink shade with a slight shimmer, the gloss is quite sticky but not overly so and I always think glosses are always gonna be slightly sticky so it's not something to moan about or criticise a product for. It is intensely pigmented and actually lasts really well on the lips.

I picked this Topshop Beauty Lipstick up not long ago in shade Lovestuck which is a really pretty deep pink and will look great for any season. It isn't drying at all on the lips and gives a slight sheen aswell, in terms of lasting power I find I can get a good 4 hours out of it.

The Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer is also another recent release and I cannot tell you how much I love this. The formula is so soft, it glides on so easily onto the lips and isn't drying in the slightest. In fact I would say my lips actually feel moisturised when wearing this lipstick. There are 16 shades within this range, I picked up Nude Pop which is a lovely 'my lips but better' shade, I definitely think I will be picking up more shades from this range very soon. 

And lastly I have had my eyes on these Maybelline Color Drama Velvet Lip Pencils for quite some time now but have never actually made a purchase for one reason or another. I finally picked up shade Berry Much which is a real intense plum/berry shade which isn't so great for the current season but once we get into Autumn/Winter I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this one. 

Have you tried any of these lip products?


5 under £5.00

When I look through my dressing table at my products and makeup there is a surprising amount of budget/drugstore items, more than what I realised, as I am always in the department stores purchasing more premium branded makeup. We've got such an amazing high street in the UK with some really great brands, making makeup, skincare, hair care etc so easily accessible. 

I thought I would do a quick post on my top 5 under £5.00 because you can really pick up some great items on our high street for this price. Firstly is the Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Palette, this is a brilliant dupe for the Naked Palette. This contains 12 shades and are pink/brown/purple neutral shades, the shadows themselves are really buttery soft and blend so easily. At £4.00 this is a no brainer.

When it comes to lipstick I am completely smitten with the ELF Matte Lip Colors at the moment. They are a matte finish but not at all drying on the lips. The red shade is the perfect red, it's a lovely true warm toned red and I personally think it would suit majority of skin tones. The screw bottom is really handy to pump the product up and with having quite a small nib you can be really quite precise. At £3.95 you still get change from £5.00. 

I have always sworn by the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle hair treatments, they inject a massive boost of moisture into your hair making hair super soft, nourished and healthy looking. You can buy different treatments for different concerns such as heat damaged, colour treated etc. For £4.99 there should be an Aussie 3 Minute Miracle in every womans bathroom cabinet. 

For me personally Barry M offers one of the best ranges of shades and finishes for nail varnishes at such a fantastic price of £2.99. They always seem to stay lovely and glossy on my nails and stay chip free for a good 7-10 days. I never come across another woman that doesn't own at least one Barry M nail varnish

And lastly St Moritz Tanning Mousse is the best tanning product I have ever come across. It's a great dupe for St Tropez at a fraction of the cost and to be completely honest I actually prefer this to the St Tropez products. It leaves a streak free, natural looking tan. At a price of  £4.99 you really can't go far wrong. 

What 5 items under £5.00 would you recommend?


Topshop Beauty Haul

I've never really gotten into Topshop Beauty, I've always seen loads of great things about it on other blogs but just never gotten round to trying any of it. So I decided to have a little splurge the other day as I had a voucher to use and picked up these bits, so going left to right on the above swatches here are my first impressions:

Topshop Lipstick in shade Lovestruck, this is a lovely deep pink shade that has a slight sheen to it. I am actually really quite impressed with the quality of this lipstick, it isn't drying at all on the lips and lasts a good 4 hours.  

Topshop Cream Eyeshadows in shade Stripped and Revealed. Stripped is a pinky/nude shade, perfect as an eyeshadow base and Revealed is a deep brown colour, both shades are a matte finish and are super long lasting. I have been wearing them together to create a natural day time smokey eye and I have also been using Revealed with an angled brush as an eye liner. I love the packaging of these shadows aswell, little glass pots with a screw top lid, they look super pretty sat on my dressing table.

Topshop Bronzer/Illuminator in shade Reflect, the product contains three different shades which can be mixed together and used as a bronzer or used individually as an illuminator on the high points of your face. It's not as pigmented as I would like but this doesn't bother me that much as it just gives a more subtle natural glow to the skin rather than a full on bronze. It picks up really well onto the brush and all in all I really like it. 

Topshop Highlighter in shade Horizon, this is the clincher for me. It is such a lovely warm gold toned highlighter, I have been using this on the high points of my face to highlight and also softly brushed all over my face and it just gives the nicest, natural and subtle glow to the face. A little really does go a long way with this powder as it is really well pigmented. I can't say much more about this highlighter other than I absolutely love it, it is visually stunning in the pan and looks stunning on the face aswell. 

All in all I am really impressed with all the items I have purchased and love them all. Have you tried any of these items? What do you think of them?


Spring Nails With Rimel

When it comes to Spring I love a good bright or pastel nail varnish, I never tend to wear these colours at any other time of year so when Spring comes so do the nail varnishes. When I was searching through my stash of nail varnishes I didn't actually realise how many Rimmel varnishes I have, it seems I like Rimmel varnishes. A lot. These four I picked out because they just scream Spring to me and wanted to share them with you guys. 

Going from left to right, first is this lovely peachy shade called Peachella. This a really nice subtle, not too in your face, shade that is really wearable and goes with almost anything. Then we have Rose Libertine which is a lovely pinky rose shade, I love this shade for my toe nails as it looks great when I'm wearing sandals and have my tootsies out. Then we have Pillow Talk which is a pale duck egg blue that has a very slight shimmer to it. And then lastly is Wild-er-ness, this is a pale lilac and looks seriously pretty on the fingers. 

I have actually got my own UV lamp for gel nails now so I don't really tend to use many nail varnishes and got rid of loads recently but these ones managed to keep their place, they are all super fast drying and leave a lovely glossy/shiny finish. I can also get around a weeks wear out of these polishes before they start chipping. They all give really great coverage and need a max of 2 coats. 

What shades do you like to wear for Spring?


Top 5 Eyeshadow Palettes

Eyeshadow palettes, we all love them and all have at least 5 in our makeup collections whether it be a dainty quad or a full on 15 shade collection. There are so many different palettes out there on the market at the moment whether it be premium or budget, all the brands are getting in on the action. So I thought I would bring you my top 5 palettes:

The L'Oreal La Palette Nude is more than likely my favourite palette, it contains 10 shades all of which are pinky/berry toned and suit my skin tone and eye shade perfectly. It is super travel friendly as it is a lot smaller than my other palettes and is quite slim in design so slides into my makeup bag perfectly. All the shadows are super buttery and blend seamlessly, every single shade also works in harmony with it's neighbour. Also this palette contains every shade you would ever need in a palette, a light highlighting shade, neutral shades for the crease/socket and darker shades for the outer corners and lower lash lines.

Next up in my MAC Warm Neutral Palette, this palette contains 15 shades all of which are all warm in tone, which is perfect for me. I much more prefer warmer toned shadows as they just suit me so much better than cool toned shadows. It contains a range of lighter, medium and darker coloured shadows, I do absolutely love this palette and tend to reach for it on a daily basis but it just isn't travel friendly at all. It isn't bulky but it's quite large so I struggle to find a makeup bag that it will fit into. I will be doing a full review on this palette soon so keep those peepers peeled.

Third in line is the Bobbi Brown Sand Palette, this palette is a neutral lovers dream. It contains 8 shades all of which are meant to represent sand, funnily enough. They all work and intertwine with each other perfectly, again you can pretty much create any look with this palette as it contains all the elements you would need for a smokey eye or a natural eye. The only niggle that I have with Bobbi Brown palettes is that I always find the pigmentation isn't as good as their single individual shadows, I'm not sure why but I seem to find this with all the palettes that I get from Bobbi.

Next is the Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Palette, this is a serious dupe for the Naked 3 Palette. Every single shade in this palette is pretty much identical to the Urban Decay palette. For the price of this palette (£4.00!) the quality is incredible. The shadows pick up really well and blend effortlessly onto the lids.

And lastly is the Clarins The Essentials Palette, this was a limited edition palette released at Christmas time last year. If I'm honest there isn't anything in this palette that makes it stand out from any other palette, the individual shadows are good, pick up well, pigmented well but the one thing that got this palette into my top 5 is that gold shade right there in the middle. It look so incredibly pretty on the lids with a sweep of black liner and lashings of mascara.

So they are my top 5 eyeshadow palettes, which are yours?


#19 Sunday Sounds - Drugstore Favourites

We are so lucky in this country to have such a great high street. Having shops such as Boots and Superdrug that sell all of our favourite and much loved brands making them so easily accessible, I think we take it for granted sometimes. I thought I would just do a quick post on my current favourite drugstore items. 

I have mentioned this Soap & Glory Shower Butter quite often recently on Dreaming Pretty. I just absolutely adore it and can't get enough of it. It is so creamy and feels so incredibly amazing on my skin. It has really helped to soothe my dry skin which is starting to now get lots better. Another Soap & Glory favourite is this Hocus Focus primer, you all know how much of a fan I am of the dewy finish and this primer helps you to achieve just that. Soap & Glory have some really great products and at such reasonable prices. 

Barry M have got to be one of my favourite brands for nail varnish, they seem to stay put on my nails for a good week or two without chipping. They have such a great range of shades to choose from at really good prices. 

I have tried many hair oils in my time, ranging from budget to premium and this is the best hair oil I have ever tried by a mile. No matter how much product you pump into your hair it never goes greasy or heavy. The smell is also just divine. 

Max Factor is probably one of my favourite drugstore brands, the Face Finity All Day Primer is my go to primer. I wear it every single day and it makes such a massive difference to the longevity of my makeup. Another Max Factor favourite is this foundation, it gives such a lovely dewy finish and the colour match for me personally is near in perfect. These Max Factor blushes are a fairly recent release and are just so pretty. They are a great dupe for the Hourglass blushes at a fraction of the cost. 

Rimmel haven't massively been a brand that's been on my radar that much as I mostly just headed for the Max Factor and L'Oreal stands when shopping but I recently bought this Wake Me Up Concealer and lip liner and I absolutely swear by both products now. 

Lastly, Bourjois have some fantastic items some of which I think are a little over priced but these Colorband Crayons are just incredible. They last all day without creasing and can be built to create a highly pigmented finish or just sweeped over the lid to give a lovely wash of colour. 

So these are my drugstore favourites, what are yours?


Bad Skin Day Saviours

We've all had them, those days when your skin just doesn't look it's best. Whether you've got a couple of spots, dark circles or just a dull/grey complexion, we all know the feeling. I always find if my skin isn't at it's best neither is my makeup, they just work hand in hand together so to combat this I have put together a couple of different products which I find really help me when my skin/makeup need that extra help to boost your complexion.

First up if my skin is looking a little lacklustre and needs some glow injecting into it then my fingers always head for the Sarah Chapman Morning Facial, this stuff is just a facial in a bottle and really does create that glow like look. It is oil based so I wouldn't particularly go for this if you have oily/combination skin but for drier more dehydrated skin types then this is perfect. Containing jasmine and neroli the scent instantly awakens the senses and just gives skin that post facial glow.

The Elemis Ginseng Toner is really gentle on the skin so great for dry/dehydrated/sensitive skin types. With ingredients such as Ginseng, Sweet Betty Flower and Quillaja this toner really hydrates the skin and revitalises it to leave a bright and clear complexion.

If my eyes are looking a little dry or my dark circles a little worse than normal then I tend to go for this Body Shop Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate as it really helps to inject moisture into the under eye area giving a more plump look and dark circles are faded. It is also really refreshing on the under eye with the metal ball applicator so helps to brighten your eyes up and awaken tired eyes.

To combat any redness or dullness on the skin I use this Stila One Step Correct Primer, one pump of this stuff is enough for the whole face and it really does even out the complexion to look bright and healthy. I always think a dewy base is the best option when my skin is having an off day and to achieve this I use Soap & Glory Hocus Focus to give a 'lit from within look' to the skin. 

And lastly, if you struggle with dark circles then the Maybelline Eye Eraser is for you. It has a sponge tip applicator and a screw top to inject the concealer into the applicator. This concealer is perfect for hiding dark circles and the sponge top is just the right size to fit under the eye area. 

What do you use on those bad skin days? Do  you have any recommendations?


Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer

For some reason at the moment I am going through a real lip product phase, lip sticks, lip balms, lip glosses...you name it I want it. So when Clinique released these new lip sticks I knew I had to get my mitts on them. 

I picked up shade Nude Pop which is a lovely soft pink shade with that 'my lips but better' finish. The formula of these lipsticks is seriously buttery which means they glide on so easily. They're not drying at all and actually feel really moisturising which is mainly down the priming properties that nourish and condition the lips. 

In terms of lasting power, the past few times that I have worn this lipstick I applied in the morning and it was still going strong 4 or 5 hours later and that's with eating and drinking. 

There's a massive 16 shades in total within the range and they are priced at £16.00 each which I actually think is really quite reasonable. I also love the packaging, it is a square shaped bullet with a silver top. They look super glamorous and actually have quite a bit of weight to the packaging making them look and feel expensive. 

Have you tried these lipsticks? What do you think of them?


NIP + FAB Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Facial Pads

Exfoliating facial pads are something that I have never really thought about using but I saw these in Boots one day on offer so I decided to give them a whirl. 

They are designed to be used in the morning and evening but I felt exfoliating my dry skin twice a day was a little too much for my poor skin to handle so I have just been using them in the evening. The pads are soaked in exfoliating glycolic acid which is great for resurfacing the skins surface. The pads are also slightly textured which add the exfoliating benefits. 

I have been really impressed by these pads, they leave skin instantly soft and smooth to touch and they have actually really been helping my dry patches. Since using these pads my skin has become a lot clearer, dry patches have reduced significantly, blackheads are a thing of the past and skin just looks generally brighter and healthier. 

I honestly wasn't expecting to love these pads as much as I do and I will most certainly be purchasing again. You get 60 pads within one tub for £12.95 so using just one a day gives 2 months usage out of one tub, I think that is seriously good value for money. 

I honestly would recommend these to anyone looking to gently exfoliate their skin without the hassle of an actual exfoliating rinse/mask. 

Have you tried these pads? What do you think of them?


Current Favourite Blushers

There's no denying it, I am a blusher girl. Some people I know don't ever use blusher and just use bronzer. I mean don't get me wrong I love a good bit of bronzer as much as the next person does but whenever I try to go for the bronzed look I always feel my face just looks flat and it's blusher that always helps to give that shape to my face.

So I thought I would put together a post for all my favourite blushers and here they are:

Benefit Rockateur is a lovely shimmery deep pink/mauve, it gives a lovely flush of colour and also a slight illuminating finish to the cheek bones.

I am loving the MaxFactor Creme Puff Blushes at the moment, I currently own shades Alluring Rose and Seductive Pink. Both are super pretty and great dupers for the Hourglass Blushes, they are really well pigmented and give such a natural flush of colour to the cheeks. 

I never really thought of buying blushers from Bourjois, when I head to the Bourjois stand I always go straight for the lipsticks but a couple of weeks ago I purchased one of their blushes in shade 34 Rose D'Or and I have fallen in love. The consistency is so buttery soft and applies onto the skin so evenly, giving a really natural flush of colour. 

I went away on holiday last year and picked this Clarins Blush Prodige in shade 02 Soft Peach blusher up in duty free and absolutely love it. It is made up of a small number of shades and it perfect for the Spring/Summer months, it is a lovely peachy pink and when applied just to the apples of the cheeks it looks super pretty. 

Cream blushers are one my favourites for this season, they always give a lovely dewy finish that's perfect for this time of year. Stila Convertible Colour Blush in shade Petunia is such a pretty pink, it's not too pink but pink enough to give a nice pop of colour to your cheeks. 

And lastly these two MAC beauties in shades Sunbasque and Warm Soul are great for when you don't really want anything pink on your cheeks bur you want a little colour to give your face more shape.

What are your favourite blushers?


Old Faithfuls

I don't know about you but I have a certain amount of products within my collection that I know I can just trust to do it's job and do it well. You know you can apply these products and have confidence that they will do what you want them to do and won't let you down.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Perfector Oil is the hair oil of all hair oils, no matter how much of this stuff you apply your hair never gets greasy or weighed down. Every time I reach for this oil I know my hair will be left healthy looking and strong with no split ends. Foot cream is always the product I forget in my beauty regime and then I will get to a point where I haven't applied any in the last week or so and my heels are really dry and cracked so I need something that will give an instant relief, this Soap & Glory Heel Genius does just that. I apply this at night time and by the morning my feet are left feeling soft and supple.

When my skin is looking a little lack lustre I always head for the illuminating primers. The Soap & Glory Hocus Focus is always the one that I reach for in the mornings, I know I can rely on this primer to give a subtle natural glow to the skin and it always gives my makeup that extra boost of radiance.

I have at least a minimum of 10 foundations in my collection, all of which have different uses and finishes but this Clarins Everlasting Foundation is probably the oldest member and the only one that has lasted for over 3/4 years in my collection. I have re purchased it countless times and it is the one foundation that I can apply and know I will get the same finish everytime and it will last all day. When it comes to concealing, I have all sorts of different concealers for all different uses but this Collection one is the only one that is a permanent fixture in my makeup bag. It can be used for under eyes and blemishes and I just know that it will last all day and I don't have to worry about it budging.

When it comes to blusher I often can't make my mind up about which one to use and whenever I have this type of situation I always reach for Benefit Rockateur. It suits my skin tone and it just goes with any type of makeup look. For my eyes I am always so indecisive but I always come back to my MAC Pigments. I know they will always look good and I feel comfortable applying them.

When doing my makeup I nearly always reach for my Chanel Les Beiges, I love the finish this powder gives my makeup and I can it use to contour/bronze aswell. And lastly, when my skin is looking a little dull I always reach for the Body Shop Honey & Oat Mask. This mask exfoliates, cleanses and moisturises all in one and makes my skin feel absolutely ah-mazing afterwards. This is always the mask I reach for over all others.

What are your old faithfuls?


Lancome Hydra Intense Face Mask

I'm just gonna start by saying I absolutely love this mask. It's the mask that I reach for when my skin needs a serious hydration kick. I am a big believer in face masks, they really help me to keep my skins moisture levels topped up and I also use an exfoliating mask once or twice a week to shift any dead skin cells and unclog pores.

This face mask is targeted towards people with normal to combination skin and believe you me, my skin is as combination as they come. I have an oily t zone and then dry cheeks, forehead and nose. When I say an oily t zone it's no where near as bad as other people I know, it just gets slightly shiny throughout the day so on the whole my skin edges more towards dry and dehydrated rather than oily, so anything that helps to inject more moisture is onto a winner for me.

There is something so luxurious and relaxing about a face mask, you can apply it in the evening whilst watching a film with a glass of wine in hand and let it do it's magic, you feel like you're having a real pamper. The mask is a gel consistency which is really strange as I never like anything gel based on my skin as I find it dries it out, but this is the complete opposite. It's quite a thick consistency and smoothes onto the skin effortlessly. To apply, you just smooth onto the skin and leave for however long you like, Lancôme suggest leaving it for 5 minutes but I tend to apply before I go to sleep and leave on all night. You do not rinse the mask off, you just simply tissue the excess product off that has been left on your face. I actually love the fact that you do not rinse your face, as by tissuing off the excess you can actually see the amount of product that has sunk into your face.

My skin is always left feeling super soft and hydrated after using this mask. I always take this mask with me on holiday for the flight, I find skin gets dehydrated when in-flight due to the air con etc so I apply this mask once we have taken off. It gives extra moisture to the skin whilst also offering a protective shield against any nasties that may be floating about.

Anyone that is looking for a mask that is super hydrating and moisturising then this is for you. I now swear by it and will be re purchasing for as long as Lancôme stocks it.

Have you tried this mask? What do you think?


#18 Sunday Sounds - Makeup Inspiration

There is nothing I love more on a Sunday afternoon than trawling through Pinterest for hours on end finding recipes, DIY ideas, makeup looks etc to try. I am yet to meet someone that doesn't love Pinterest. It's so easy to use and you can create a board for literally anything you can think of. I like to use it a lot for makeup inspiration and have found three different makeup looks that I wanted to share with you as I thought they are perfect for this time of year:

I just think this look is so feminine and pretty, the matte and light smokey eye looks perfect against the muted pink lips. It's a really simple look that just emphasises a womans natural beauty. I always prefer to wear a smokey eye with a natural lip so this look would be perfect for me. The look would probably suit someone with a fairer complexion but I think it's totally adaptable so could be tweeked ever so slightly for any skin tone. I'm really looking forward to trying this one out. 

This look would work well for any season but with the bright complexion and orange toned red lipstick I feel it suits the Spring/Summer months better. Flicked eye liner is an art I am yet to master so creating this look may take some practice but practice makes perfect right? This is just such a classic look with the statement eyes, chiselled cheekbones and bold red lip but with a Spring/Summer spin with the bright and healthy complexion. 

And lastly how could I not include a classic bronzed goddess look, this look is slightly scary for me as I'm not the best person for applying bronzer but this just looked so gorgeous how could I not. This isn't particularly a look I would recreate for a normal day in the UK but it is definitely something I would like to try if away on holiday. 

So they're the three looks that I will definitely be trying out and perfecting over the next few months, all three are completely different but all are perfect for the upcoming months. 

What do you think of these looks?


Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Mist

I have been using this facial mist for the past year or so now and I feel it hasn't received the attention that it deserves. It's  just a wonder product for me, I use it for so many different purposes and it lasts for absolutely ages!

As the name would suggest the main ingredient is Vitamin E which is great for the skin. The multiple uses of this spray are just incredible, I use it when in-flight to awaken my  skin and help to keep my skin hydrated, on holiday when I'm feeling too hot I just spritz a little of this on my skin and it just helps to freshen my skin and cool me down slightly, I use it to set my makeup, I spray onto my makeup brushes to give a slightly damp feel which is great for applying eye shadows to make the colour much deeper...the possibilities are endless. 

The dispenser just allows for the perfect amount of liquid to be released which is evenly distrubited. There is nothing that annoys me more when I buy a product in a spray bottle and it comes out in one line of product meaning it is concentrated on that one particular dot when you just so happened to spray. I like a spray to be full and even, which this is. 

The scent is classic of the Body Shop Vitamin E range, there is a subtle scent but nothing too strong. Just a nice refreshing smell. 

I just adore this product and always recommend to all my friends. At £8.50 for 100ml this is a complete bargain!

Have you tried this product? What do you think of it?