November Favourites

As you're reading this I will be sat at Ragdale Spa, hopefully in my treatment room enjoying a much needed facial courtesy of my lovley best friend Lucy...ahh bliss. November has been a really busy for me and December isn't going to get any quieter, lots of parties to look forward to and events with friends and family. 


Revlon Colorstay ShadowLinks

The moment I saw these little Revlon gems I fell in love. The idea of being able to click them together and create your own perfect bespoke palette...there are no words.


My Winter Beauty Essentials

Winter can be a really harsh season on your skin, hair and body so we need to make sure that we take good care of ourselves and keep our skins hydration levels topped up and moisturised. I absolutely love Winter, one of my favourite things about Winter is using rich and moisturising products so this is right up my street.


Body Shop Coconut Shimmer Body Butter

Can I just start by saying how much I adore the Body Shop Body Butters, they are just so luxurious and in my opinion the best thing that has ever been produced by The Body Shop. 


Bedside Beauty

There are some products which we all keep by our bed side and tend to apply just before going to sleep, well these are mine. I don't technically have a bedside table, it's more like my beauty cabinet which just happens to be next to my bed.


Clarins Eye Contour Gel

After making a rather large splurge in Bamboo Beauty a couple of months ago I received a number of free products with my purchases. One of these free products was this dinky little Clarins Eye Contour Gel.


REN Hot Cloth Cleanser

After falling in love with the REN Glycolactic Radiance Mask I was super excited to try this sample tube of the REN Hot Cloth Cleanser and being a complete devotee to Liz Earle I was really intrigued as to where this would stand in the hot cloth cleanser stakes.


Inside My Makeup Bag


I haven't really done a post like this yet, apart from my guest post for Amy at Beauty Glamorous Blog, so I thought it was about time I dedicated a post on Dreaming Pretty. Plus with the Autumnal, Wintery weather now upon us I wanted to share with all you lovely ladies what I have been reaching for recently in this colder weather.


A Sunday Update

Who doesn't like Sundays. It's the only day when staying in your pyjamas all day and just being generally lazy is acceptable. Sundays are my favourite day of the week even with Monday morning looming, there is just something so relaxing and chilled out about a Sunday.



My Top Red Lipsticks

I tend to wear red lipsticks more throughout Autumn and Winter but on the odd occasion I like to sport a red lip throughout Summer and Spring. For Summer and Spring I prefer more orange/red lipsticks whereas I wear more deeper matte reds for Winter and Autumn so with this in mind my all time favourites are below.


Bobbi Brown Soho Chic Eye Palette

Yet another holiday purchase was this Bobbi Brown eye shadow palette, the moment I sit down on a plane I always look in the duty free magazine to see what bargains I can lay my hands on this holiday so you can imagine my delight when I saw this beauty sitting pretty on the front page.


Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-Powder

I absolutely love dry shampoo, I swear by the stuff. I don't really like washing my hair every day as it gets really dry so I use dry shampoo on the in between days. Bumble & Bumble are one of my favourite hair care brands out there but the price tag is often quite pricey so I have to spread my purchases out over a few months.


Recent Disappointing Products

I have been thinking of doing a disappointing products post for a while and have really quite enjoyed doing this, so I think this is now going to be a regular occurrence.


L'Oreal Cleansing Oil

Having dry/combination skin cleansing oils and balms are my current best friends. My skin is seriously temperamental, it can go from being bright and clear to dry, patchy and blackheads within the space of 2 or 3 days if I change something suddenly or drastically in my skin care routine, so I have to try and be really careful when choosing skin care products and introducing them into my routine.


Origins GinZing Moisturiser

I have been trying out quite a few new moisturisers recently as I really want to just shake up my skincare routine. I sometimes think having the same skincare routine for a long period often isn't actually that great as I think your skin can get used to the products you're using and no longer work with the ingredients within the products.


October Favourites

This month has pretty much been about a touch of luxury. This month has been pretty hectic, I went to Barcelona at the start of the month for my birthday, work has been crazy and I've had quite a few family gatherings so treating myself to some much needed pampering has been lovely through October.


Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel

Pink Grapefruit...I love the stuff! The smell, the taste, the health benefits, the list goes on. I have always been in love with The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit range and this month I had ran out of my beloved pink grapefruit shower gel so I re purchased it the other day and felt like I just had to do a post on it.