Soap & Glory Thick and Fast Mascara

Let me just say I am very particular over my mascaras, it has be the right shade of black, crazy I know, I mean how many shades of black can there be right? It has to have the right sized wand, not too big but not too small. I like a mascara to also look fancy with eye catching packaging, it needs to have the right sized bristles and these depend upon the material of the bristles. But honestly, I don’t think I am the only woman out there who is this fussy over her mascara. Right girls?


Maybelline Eye Eraser

So I desperately need to share this product with you, it is just amazing. I know there's probably tonnes of reviews out there about this product but I really wanted to just sing it's praises. 


The Work Wear Edit

The Work Wear Edition
I know what you're thinking, boring right? Yeah I know, I'll be the first to admit my work wardrobe is pretty dull and boring but this is what I feel comfortable and professional in and my mum has always said as long as your feel good you will look good. Having worked in an office environment for 5 or so years I have finally come to realise that less is more.


Rimmel Wonder'full Argan Oil Mascara

As you probably already know I am serious fan of fancy looking mascaras and let me tell you they are pretty hard to come by. Most of them are just black and boring, but not this one. The new Rimmel Wonder'full mascara is everything I hoped for, the packaging is luxurious and looks expensive and it contains argan oil.


Currently Loving

I've felt recently that all my blog posts are just about products, which I know what you're all thinking, well this is a beauty blog isn't it? Yes, it is but I feel like I want to do more posts about skincare routines and current favourites etc rather than just a post about one product. So I thought a post about what I'm currently loving would be a good way to start off. 


Liebster Awards

Hi ladies, so I have been lucky enough to be nominated for 5 Liebster Awards in total over the past couple of months! I am so very honoured that you lovely ladies have taken the time to read through my blog and follow me and then nominate me.


L'Oreal Elvive Aqua Serum

I always enjoy to use a serum and majority of the time I use more oil style serums such as Moroccan Oil which is just a life saver for me but throughout Summer I have been looking out for something a little lighter that won't weigh my hair down in the heat. So when I spotted this little beauty in Boots on the 3 for 2 offer I just had to snap it up, it is mainly for fine to normal hair which fits the bill just perfectly for me as my hair strands themselves are very fine but I have a lot of them giving the illusion of thick hair so it very easily gets weighed down if the products I use are quite thick and heavy. 


Clarins HydraQuench Cream

All hail the Clarins HydraQuench Moisturising Cream!

For the past year or so I have been using the Clarins Daily Energizer Cream and I absolutely love it, nothing has ever come close to it, but since receiving the HydraQuench Cream in a free gift with a purchase from Bamboo Beauty in Bakewell...and breath, my holy grail has been replaced. 


Pretty Makeup bags

Favourite Makeup Bags
Ooh I do love a good cosmetic bag, there are so many different shapes, sizes, designs and colours out there to choose from that sometimes you can get a little lost. Don't they say that the average woman carries around £231.00 worth of makeup everyday...so that calls for a pretty nice makeup bag to house it all in hey ladies!


Soap & Glory Hocus Focus Primer

It's official, I'm a primeraholic, I swear by the stuff and honestly believe my makeup never looks as good if I forget to use it. So with this in mind, I have boxes full of the stuff from many different brands but have never found the right illuminating one. With having combination skin I get quite an oily t zone and cheeks, and quite often when using an illuminating primer half way through the day my makeup has slid half way down my face, so finding one where this doesn't happen has been really difficult.


August Wish List

August Wish List
My August wish list is all about the classics really, I have been looking for a navy trench coat for what feels like forever and I finally found this French Connection one a few weeks ago so that is most certainly going to be a pay day treat. I absolutely love the idea of one of these Fujifilm Instax cameras, they're just like the old fashioned polaroid cameras, you can just snap away and get photos instantly plus there's none of this oh my hair wasn't in the right position or I blinked because there is no deleting option, you can just snap natural moments which are always the best anyway. Plus, how cute does this camera look in baby pink?


July Favourites

So I've been thinking that I am going to start doing monthly favourite posts, I used to do weekly posts but I found that a bit too much. Throughout July obviously the weather has been pretty damn hot so my monthly favourites are mostly centred around the heat and sun as the products I have been using are to try and combat just that. So here we go: