#9 Sunday Sounds - 5 Items Forever In My Makeup Bag

When it comes to my makeup bag items get chopped and changed that often that I'm surprised any products make it for more than a month, even the bag itself gets changed constantly. So with this in mind, any products that do actually stand the test of time in my makeup bag must be pretty incredible.

My skin used to be so oily that I would end up with a t zone that people could use as a mirror it was that shiny, but over the past 9 months or so my skin has got increasingly drier and I have really struggled to find a powder that not only isn't mattifying but also doesn't stick to dry patches and just generally gives a nice finish without looking cakey. Enter the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder, this powder is just incredible. The powder itself is very finely milled so picks up really well onto the brush and spreads evenly onto the skin. I have just been using it to set my base in the morning and and it gives the nicest finish to my makeup. It doesn't look cakey, it doesn't clog up any of my pores and the scent is just yummy. This is the first powder I have found that I will just keep buying for as long as I can and it is now a permanent fixture in my makeup bag. 

Next is the Body Shop Honey Bronzer, this is my all time favourite bronzer. It gives the nicest flush of colour without looking too much. It has a matte finish which I personally prefer for bronzers, a lot of bronzers that I have tried in the past just end up making me look muddy and end up going patchy but this one stays put and just gives a lovely warmth to the face.

I picked up this Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer a month or so ago and haven't been able to put it down since. I use it for under my eyes and to conceal blemishes and it's perfect for both. It doesn't go cakey and blends super easy. Honestly, I can't ever imagine not having this concealer in my life...I think I'm slightly smitten. 

My eye brows are really fair and pretty much look non existent when they aren't filled in so I always carry a brow pencil on me for any little touch ups and this Revlon Brow Fantasy is my favourite brow product currently. It is dual ended with a pencil on one end and a gel on the other to set, It's everything you need in a brow product in one so it's travel friendly. 

And lastly, how could I not include a red lippy. A girls best friend. This ELF Matte Lip Colour has got to be my most favourite red lipstick. Ever. It's matte but isn't drying on the lips at all and is a crayon like applicator with a twist end. I always like to carry a red lippy on me just incase, you never know when you might have to go for a last minute client meeting or impromptu drinks with the girls. I always think even if you can't top up the rest of your makeup, if you have a red lip on you can't go far wrong. 

So they are the products which are forever in my makeup bag, what are yours?


  1. I'm on my second Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, I would repurchase it again and again :) x


    1. It's just the best isn't it xx