Soap & Glory It's About Prime

So I am all about the eye primers. They are a permanent fixture in my makeup bag and I am always looking out for the next best thing, currently I am using Soap & Glory It's About Prime.

I mainly use eye shadow primer to intensify the colour and keep the product holding for longer, I just apply over my lid and allow to dry before applying my eye shadow. My eye lids are prone to oilyness so if I don't use a primer my eye shadow is just non existent by the end of the day. 

In terms of longevity I don't rate this primer, I don't think it helps to hold the product as half way through the day I find myself topping my eye shadow up as half of it has disappeared. However I absolutely love this primer as a colour intensifier, it really does make a difference to the colour of an eye shadow. The shadow looks more pigmented and it also makes the shadow easier to apply.

Honestly though I don't think I will re purchase this primer again purely because the main reason to using an eye shadow primer is to prolong the life of my eye shadow and if a primer doesn't do this then really there isn't much point using it and for £8.00 I think this is quite expensive for the quality of product you are getting, but I do have really quite oily eye lids so this product would probably work really well for someone with 'normal' skin it just unfortunately isn't strong enough for my lids.

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