August Wish List

August Wish List
My August wish list is all about the classics really, I have been looking for a navy trench coat for what feels like forever and I finally found this French Connection one a few weeks ago so that is most certainly going to be a pay day treat. I absolutely love the idea of one of these Fujifilm Instax cameras, they're just like the old fashioned polaroid cameras, you can just snap away and get photos instantly plus there's none of this oh my hair wasn't in the right position or I blinked because there is no deleting option, you can just snap natural moments which are always the best anyway. Plus, how cute does this camera look in baby pink?

My purse really is on it's way out now, the zip has broken and the section where my credit cards go has completely ripped but I haven't been able to find another purse which I like for ages until I spotted this Fossil one. As a rule I absolutely love tan leather, especially for purses. I just think it looks so classic and timeless. 

I have been hearing some rave reviews about the three products I have included in the above (Bobbi Brown Lip Balm, Body Shop Vitamin E Serum and This Works Skin Deep Golden Elixir) so it's I think it's about time I tried these out. 

What's on your wish list for August?

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