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Hi lovelies, so as you're reading this post I will be in, what will hopefully be, sunny Barcelona for my birthday. So rather than leaving you, my lovely followers with nothing to read, I thought I would include a couple of guest posts from two lovely bloggers. Please enjoy and be sure to check out Amys' blog, I'm sure you will love it just as much as I do.

Hello everyone, my name is Amy and I have a fashion/beauty blog beauty-glamorous. When Amanda asked if I would like to do a Guest Post on her blog whilst she's away on holiday I was delighted as I could return the favour when she Guest Posted on my Blog, I just hope that mine post is as good as what hers was. I hope all her followers enjoy!

With the colder weather now settling in, your face and body will most definitely need some TLC from the elements. Here's just a few things that we can do in our daily skincare routine that will ensure that we still look summer fresh:

Body Brush - A daily top to toe morning body brush in the shower/bath. It's as good for your skin but without the effects of the scrub buffing of the glowing skin. Brushing helps boosts circulation and removes that layer of dry dead skin revealing newer shinier smoother skin, I use the Bodyshop Round Body Brush. For my face I use the Botanics Facial Loofah from Boots. I can use my day cleanser with these to provide a deep cleanse leaving my skin soft and smooth. As well as scrubbing my face, I like to use the Clinique Clarifying Lotion when I feel my skin has got slightly oily. Using only a small amount I sweep my face which takes away any residue of dead skin leaving a instant refreshing feeling. I'll be swapping my body lotions and sorbets for my favourite Raspberry and Strawberry Body Butters. They are reasonably priced at £13 and smell delicious. 

Face Mask - Face masks are like gold for the long cold A/W. I tend to use the Montagne Jeunesse masks as there are so many to choose from, each offering something different from blackhead mask unclogging pores, Nut Oil Masque for deep cleanse or a simple fruity peel off skin cleansing leaving skin radiant again. They smell amazing and are all natural. In Boots they range from £1.00-&1.49 (10ml packet) In Primark you can get them for £0.90 and occasionally Wilkinsons do them for £0.75. 

Lip Scrub - We must ensure that as soon as our lips feel dry we exfoliate them to avoid chapped lips...I do this by using a babies toothbrush and lip scrub. I use the Lush lip scrub as they have lots of different flavours and they are reasonably priced at £5.50, I use the babies toothbrushes as they are less harsh on lips. After scrubbing my lips for a few minutes I then wash off any excess scrub and apply a proud amount of lip balm to my lips to soak in overnight, the following day ensure that you keep lips moist with balm throughout. 

Moisturise - I'll be swapping my body lotions and sorbets for my favourite Raspberry and Strawberry Body Butters. They are reasonably priced at £13 and smell delicious.  For an extra bit of luxury on my pamper nights I use the Beautifying Oil which is absorbed into my skin quickly leaving it hydrated. During the day before applying my makeup I like to apply a thin layer of the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion, It's quickly absorbed so I don't have to wait around till it dries before applying my makeup plus it allows better moisturisation so my skin remains bright throughout the whole day.
Night Cream - I hate dry flaky skin especially on my face. Not only is it a sign that that your skin routine is slipping but also your makeup doesn't look as it should. Applying a night cream and getting those 8+ hours of sleep a night gives the cream the best time to work its magic on your skin ensuring that you wake up with a plump healthy hydrated face. I use No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream for Dry/Very Dry. It's on offer at present £13.50 for 50ml. 

Time for a little me Time - Now the nights are getting colder and darker, it's time to run a bubble bath, light the scented candles, take a glass of wine and have a little time for ourselves. For an extra treat, book yourself in for a massage or even a facial. Have a look on websites such as wowcher or groupon for great deals or see what deals your local beauty salons are doing. 


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  1. oh wow! I loved this post! Makes me wanna try it all out !:D