November Wish List

November Wish List
This November my wish list is a little mixed, with the chilly mornings and nights I pretty much live in my dressing gown and big fluffy knits. 

Dressing Gown: My current dressing gown is ready for the bin now, my dog Minnie likes to chase the waist ribbon around so that's all bitten and got holes in and it's just gotten really thin and drab looking. This ZARA cable knit is perfect for me, I love the colour grey and anything knitted is just a winner in my book for Winter. 

ZARA Roll Neck Jumper: This cashmere, yes cashmere jumper from ZARA is just the softest thing I have ever felt. I saw it in store when I was shopping at Manchester Trafford Centre and haven't been able to get it out of my mind. It's perfect for Winter, so fluffy and warm and would look lovely with my riding style leather boots and big bouncy curls. I may have to invest. 

CHANEL serums: I have had my eye on these serums for absolutely ages, I have read loads of great reviews on them and love the concept of different serums for mornings, evenings and weekends. I am a little wary of spending so much much money on something when I don't even know if I will like them or not so I might try and get some samples at some point to have a bit of a test run. 

Wellies: When you live in the countryside like I do, you need a pair of wellies. And a pair of good quality ones such as Hunter are essential. I just live in my wellies over the Winter and had a pair of Joules last year but they have started to rip on the sides ever so slightly, so I think I am now ready for a new pair ready for this Winter.  

Floral Heels: I have seen a pair of floral heels in Next which I absolutely adore and I think they are only around £35.00 so they will be my pay day treat in November. I'm currently on a bit of a spending ban as Nick and I are saving for a house so £35.00 for a pair of heels is a real treat for me! 

Red Nail Varnish: I love a good red nail for Winter, for one I always class red as a Christmassy colour - it's so festive and two it's just so rich and perfect for Winter. I am yet to find the perfect red nail varnish so if any of you have any recommendations then please leave a comment and let me know. 

What's on your wish list for November?

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