Clarins Extra Comfort Anti Pollution Cleansing Cream

I had heard so much about this cleansing cream so felt that I needed to hop on the bandwagon and I'm glad I did quite frankly. With my skin being sensitive, dry and dehydrated...you know the drill I much prefer cream based cleansers to gel as I just find them more gentle and moisturising. 

Containing ingredients such as moringa seed extract, mango and shea butter it is super moisturising on the skin and is more on the thicker side of consistency. It has a lovely cooling and refreshing feel on the skin and soothes the skin after a full day of work. The technique of applying this cleanser is lets just say different, I have never applied cleanser by rubbing into the palms of my hands and literally slapping onto my face and removing my hands in a motion which creates a suction to pull off the nasties. 

I prefer to use this cleanser in the evening after using a cleansing oil or butter, I like to use an oil to remove traces of makeup and then a creamy cleanser to actually clean my face. It is gentle enough to use on eyes and feels lovely on the skin. 

For £25.00 the cleanser is maybe a little overpriced but you do get a whopping 50ml for that price. I do love the cleanser and it works well with my skin, I'm not sure I would re purchase it but that is purely down to personal preference. 

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