Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all you lovely people! 

The end of 2014 wasn't great for me as Nick and I broke up, we had been together for around 7/8 years so it was a pretty massive thing for us and our families, it was very upsetting and heartbreaking but we're both good and getting on with our lives so hopefully 2015 will bring a bit more happiness. 

So enough with the sad news and onto the exciting news, I have been thinking recently about what my new year resolutions will be and of course the usual just kinda go without saying, spend less, lose weight blah blah blah...but I thought it would be nice to do some new year resolutions for my blog. 

I've kinda got a little, bored isn't the right word for it, but fed up of just doing beauty reviews constantly on single products, now lets not jump to any conclusions because this is still a beauty blog last time I checked so I will still be doing beauty reviews. But I just wanted to try and mix things up a bit and give a more varied amount of posts, so I shall be doing one or two product reviews a week leaving space for some other posts. I will be starting a Sunday Sounds post every Sunday, this will either be a baking recipe or a life update or skincare ideas/routines or makeup looks etc so basically just not a single product review.

Also another New Year resolution of mine, well kinda a task that I wanted to complete for new year, was to update the look of my blog, so as you can see I now have a slightly different theme which I hope you all like.

And that's pretty much it from me, hope you all have a lovely 2015! 


  1. I really want to add something extra to my blog look too, I'm not sure yet but I just feel as though there's something missing to it! Happy new year x


  2. love this!! looking forward to reading more xxx www.teenworkaholic.blogspot.com

    1. Oh great, look out for a lot of new posts. Happy New Year xx

  3. I think it is a good thing to write about whatever you want, sometimes mixing it up gives yourself more flexibility with ideas and feeling inspired :) Good luck for 2015!

    Elle x
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