Bliss multi-face-eted All In One Anti-Ageing Clay Mask

Oh I do love me a good clay mask. I recently ran out of my REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask so needed a replacement and have heard many a good word about this little Bliss beauty so decided to take the plunge.

Now this, let me tell you, is no ordinary clay face mask. It's a serious multi-tasker that gives incredible results. This promises to correct signs of ageing and reduce fine lines, even out skin tone, dark spots and texture, shrink the appearance of pores, soften and brighten the skin.

To use, I just apply to clean, slightly damp skin and spread all over my face apart from my eyes, obviously. It contains a slight grain which exfoliates the skin very gently and the mask itself is very smooth and workable so it just slides over the skin, it doesn't feel like you're dragging or pulling at the skin to apply. It doesn't go crusty or tight feeling on the skin when it dries and feels generally really comfortable. To remove I just use a warm flannel, I lay this on my face and the mask just melts underneath; making the removal process a dream. I have been using this mask once a week for the past four weeks and have seen a noticeable difference in my skin.

Have you tried this mask?