More Empties

So yep we've got more empties! Honestly guys I have been getting through so many products recently, I'm actually really quite proud of myself as I normally hate using products up because it means that I then have to buy more; but I've just got so many blummin products that I felt like I seriously needed to sort my collection out plus I'm moving soon so didn't want to take loads and loads of half empty bottles with me.

So there's quite a few so I thought I would just power through them.

Perfume: I have a silly amount of perfumes and some bottles I have had for a number of years so was conscious that I needed to use them up as they will probably go off soon. I have used Hugo Boss Ma Vie Pour Pemme, this is a lovely scent, very fresh and floral with cactua flower, pink freesia, jasmine and delicate rose so has been perfect the Summer months. I really love this perfume but it was time to use it up in readiness for the Winter months when I like to wear more musky scents. Another scent I have used up is Thierry Mugler Alien, this perfume has been in my collection for a good 3-4 years so it was time to use it up unfortunately. I love this perfume, it's quite a deep and musky scent so perfect for Autumn/Winter.

Hair: Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray, this is a great dupe for the Oribe Texturising Spray at less than half the cost. I use this every single day and literally go through at least one bottle a month. This is definitely a cult product for me and will be forever re purchasing it. Then lastly we have the Lee Stafford Blow Dry Faster Spray. I can't even tell you how this stuff works but oh my does it work. It cuts my hair drying time down by a good half, I use this every single time I blow dry my hair. The Mark Hill Va Va Voom Blowdry Mousse is a great volumising mousse, it gives good volume and lift to my hair but it also makes it feel quite heavy so I won't be repurchasing this.

Skincare: Nip & Fab Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Facial Pads are a great alternative for manual/physical exfoliants. The Glycolic Acid is a chemical exfoliator which works really well for my skin, manual exfoliators such as facial scrubs that contain the little beads are too harsh on my skin to use everyday which is why I much prefer these little pads. It just helps to remove that top layer of dead skin cells from your face to reveal a fresher and healthier glow to your skin. These pads are slightly raised/textured so aid in exfoliating and wiping away the impurities and dead skin cells. I love these pads, I use them every evening and my skin is so much better since using them. The Bobbi Brown Advanced Extra Bright Serum is such a great serum, it helps to calm any redness, dark spots and fine lines and instantly perks up the skin. This lasted a good year for me so in my eyes is worth every penny. The REN Daily Supplement Moisturiser is my normal everyday moisturiser and I completely love it. I'm now on my third bottle which says it all really. Next is the Clarins One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, I really didn't like this scrub. I mean as far as facial scrubs go it's fine, it's not terrible nor is it amazing but the main thing that put me off this was the smell, it literally smelt of toilet cleaner. Needless to say I won't be repurchasing this. Lastly, it's the Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream. Generally speaking I'm not a massive fan of this cream. It's fine but nothing too exciting, in terms of packaging it looks super pretty sat on my dressing table but in terms of hygiene it's not the greatest.

So onto Bodycare: The St Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan is a nice product, it gives really lovely results and is super efficient and quick to use but practically it's just not the best. Then we have the Philosophy Candied Pecan Body Scrub, this stuff smells amazing. It's so sweet smelling, it's just a caramelly, nutty, gooey mess that leaves your skin feeling and looking super soft and glowy. If you're not a fan of sweet smelling products then this won't be for you as it's a pretty sickly sweet scent but I absolutely love it.

Then lastly we have the Johnsons Baby Shampoo, I use this to wash my makeup brushes and I just absolutely love it. It does a better job than most makeup brush cleaners I have tried and it's super cheap.

So there you have it my recent empties, have you tried any of these products?


  1. There's always a few bottles of the Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray in my empties, it's so good!

    Sara - She Who Is Short

  2. I love ma vie pour femme, and will be so sad when mine runs out! The Bobbi Brown serum sounds really nice, I'll have to check that out when I am next at a counter. Good luck with the move! xx
    Beaut Honesty | Bloglovin

  3. You've definitely inspired me to stick to one product at a time and finish it, before moving on to another - I have so many half-used bottles hanging around, so I need to have a sort through them this weekend! I recently picked up those Nip + Fab pads as an alternative to the Clarins Brightening Toner and I love them. They really do make such a noticeable difference to how glowing my skin looks!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


    1. It's so satisfying hun! I definitely recommend doing it xx

  4. I love the Pecan body scrub :) I've got a tiny bit left I'm saving as it seems to be discontinued! Also love the Charles Worthington texturising spray, I will always re-purchase that! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty | High-End Palette Giveaway

  5. I love Alien perfume. Such a gorgeous scent! The Bobbi Brown serum sounds lovely. Brilliant that it's lasted for as long as a year!

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour