Favourite Fall Eye Shadows

Oh Autumn, you are by far my most favourite season. The makeup, the clothes, the accessories, the scents, the colours...I love absolutely everything about Autumn. I love to wear rich colours on my eyes throughout Autumn and wanted to bring you my current favourites:

I tend to run the Look Beauty Statement Eyes - 18 Luxe eye shadow onto my finger and dab over the top of any eye shadow to give it a real luxe feel or even just on it's own. It's works beautifully paired with a rich bronze, rust or olive green to give just the right amount of shimmer and glitz but still adding a real warmth to the eyes.

I've never really gotten into Body Shop makeup, I love the skincare but for some reason have always by passed the makeup section. Well on this occasion I'm glad I didn't, this is a single eye shadow in shade 260 Golden Cinnamon. You know me and my rusty red shades well this is the one. This goes wonderfully with my green eyes and looks lovely when paired with browns, greens, golds and bronzes...my favourite colours. It has a golden shimmer to it and is so so buttery soft that you have to make hardly any effort when applying to the eye lid. It glides on effortlessly and looks oh so pretty when on.

You know me and my eye shadow sticks, I just love them. They're so easy to use and apply and these No7 Stay Perfect Shade and Define Sticks are definitely some of my favourites. For this post I have included shades Deep Purple and Gumetal Grey. Deep Purple is a lovely deep berry toned shade and Gunmetal Grey is a lovely grey/silver blue toned colour. They are so well pigmented and look incredible on the lids. We all love the berry shades for this time of year but a cool icy grey is something pretty special.

Lastly, I have really been loving using the Bourjois Khol and Contour Liner in a khaki shade to give a more relaxed and subtle finish to the eyes. It works really well against all the Autumny shades and I haven't been able to stop using it.

What are you favourite Fall eye shadows? Any recommendations?


  1. Such lovely products! The gold eyeshadow look so beautiful!


  2. The Look Beauty shade looks gorgeous, such a shame they seem to have been discontinued :( I have the same Body Shop eyeshadow and can't wait to wear it xx

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    1. Discontinued? I didn't know they'd discontinued them xx