#29 Sunday Sounds - Triple Chocolate Cookies

So I'm going through a real baking phase at the moment and have been tying to perfect the perfect triple chocolate cookies and I think I may have just cracked it, so I wanted to share my recipe with you in case you'd like to try them out for yourself.

100g light brown soft sugar
100g golden caster sugar
100g butter (I like to use clover)
1 large egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
225g sifted plain flour
140g melted Cadburys dairy milk chocolate
100g white choc chips
100g dark choc chips

-Melt the dairy milk chocolate and leave to one side. 
-Soften the butter slightly in the microwave and then mix with the sugar. Add the egg, flour and vanilla extract. Mix all the ingredients together and once fully combined pour the melted chocolate into the mix and stir in. 
-Now add your chocolate chips and roughly mix into the mixture. I just tend to add a slight splash of milk at this point to give the mixture a little moisture. 
-Roll the mixture into balls and place onto a greased baking tray.
-Put them into the oven at around 180c for approximately 10 minutes. The cookies will come out still quite soft to touch but will firm up when cool.

These cookies went down a real treat in my household, they were still chewy and gooey in the middle but a crispy edge...my perfect type of cookie and they seemed to disappear in a good couple of hours.

Please let me know if you decide to give these cookies a go. 

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