Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

Every year around summer time Estee Lauder release their Bronze Goddess perfume and every year me and my mum are smitten. It's always a very similar scent each year, I would personally describe it as a more musky scent with coconut and vanilla that just takes me back to lying on the beach feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin and a pina colada in hand.

I always love the Bronze Goddess scents but this one is probably my most favourite out of them all. The Bronze Goddess Soleil. This particular scent was inspired by the warmth of the Mediterranean with some citrussy notes of Orange Blossom and Bergamot. This particular scent obviously isn't stocked anymore as they are always limited edition and this was from a couple of years ago but the fragrances are always quite similar and along the same lines every year.

I would describe the Bronze Goddess perfumes as sunshine in a bottle, they have really fruity and light top notes that give that instant refreshing hit but then the base notes are a lot deeper in scent and those are the ones that stick around and linger for the whole day giving you a slight waft every so often. This years Bronze Goddess is no exception, there's something so feminine about this perfume and just takes me back to lying on those sandy beaches.

So if you're a sucker for a limited edition product and like fruity scents with deeper/heavier base notes then this is for you. This years Bronze Goddess is currently available in stores and online so if you're interested then I would say to buy it sooner rather than later as it is limited edition so when it's gone it's gone. 


  1. I bought the regular Bronze Goddess perfume a few months ago and I'm obsessed! It's summer in a bottle and I douse myself in it!
    xxx Claire