#18 Sunday Sounds - Makeup Inspiration

There is nothing I love more on a Sunday afternoon than trawling through Pinterest for hours on end finding recipes, DIY ideas, makeup looks etc to try. I am yet to meet someone that doesn't love Pinterest. It's so easy to use and you can create a board for literally anything you can think of. I like to use it a lot for makeup inspiration and have found three different makeup looks that I wanted to share with you as I thought they are perfect for this time of year:

I just think this look is so feminine and pretty, the matte and light smokey eye looks perfect against the muted pink lips. It's a really simple look that just emphasises a womans natural beauty. I always prefer to wear a smokey eye with a natural lip so this look would be perfect for me. The look would probably suit someone with a fairer complexion but I think it's totally adaptable so could be tweeked ever so slightly for any skin tone. I'm really looking forward to trying this one out. 

This look would work well for any season but with the bright complexion and orange toned red lipstick I feel it suits the Spring/Summer months better. Flicked eye liner is an art I am yet to master so creating this look may take some practice but practice makes perfect right? This is just such a classic look with the statement eyes, chiselled cheekbones and bold red lip but with a Spring/Summer spin with the bright and healthy complexion. 

And lastly how could I not include a classic bronzed goddess look, this look is slightly scary for me as I'm not the best person for applying bronzer but this just looked so gorgeous how could I not. This isn't particularly a look I would recreate for a normal day in the UK but it is definitely something I would like to try if away on holiday. 

So they're the three looks that I will definitely be trying out and perfecting over the next few months, all three are completely different but all are perfect for the upcoming months. 

What do you think of these looks?


  1. Ok that last look is simply stunning! I need skin and hair like that pronto! X

    Chilled summer evening look over at-