Clarins Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick - Coral Tulip

As I have already mentioned in a couple of my past blog posts, there is a shop in Bakewell (the town where I work) called Bamboo Beauty and they sell Clarins which in all honesty is seriously dangerous being on my door step with Clarins being my all time favourite skincare and make up brand.

So, just before I went on holiday I took a trip around to the shop to pick up a few bits for my holibobs and the sales lady, very convincingly I must add, sold this lipstick to me. When she applied it for me it did look really nice and very well pigmented considering it is a sheer lipstick. But then when I got on holiday whether it is me, the way I was applying it or whether the one I got was a dud it just didn't look anything like what it did when I tried it in the shop.

I had pretty much made my mind up on this lipstick just from one or two attempts to apply it on holiday but since being home I have tried the lipstick a couple of times and actually come to really love it. I'm not sure what is was but when I was on holiday I found that the actual lipstick was really hard and found myself pushing down onto my lips quite forcefully to even get a hint of colour or even just to get some of the product onto my lips. I was really quite disappointed but since being back home I have realised the reason why the lipstick was so hard and difficult to apply. It was because I had it pretty much next to the air con and it must have just made the lipstick so cold that it was rock hard. After applying at home where the lipstick is in normal room temperature I have absolutely loved it and considering it is a sheer formula the colour is pretty much just as pigmented and bright as any normal lipstick. For £19.00 it is a little more than I would usually pay but being Clarins an all I just can't resist and it is totally worth it!

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